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Referee Seminar & Refresher Course

Referee Seminar & Refresher Course will be held. राष्ट्रिय निर्णायक सेमिनार तथा निर्णायक रिफ्रेसर कोर्स र पुम्से निर्णायक सेमिनार आयोजना हुने ।


Referee Training Postponed.

निर्णयक तालिम स्थगित गरिएको बारे जरूरी सुचना ......Referee Training Postponed.


Para Global Licence

Para Global Athletes Licence Registration/ग्लोबल पारा एथलेट्स लाईसेन्स लिन


Referee Training

Taekwondo Referee Training Notice...राष्ट्रिय तेक्वान्दो निर्णायक तालिम बारे सुचना......


अनुशासन तथा मुल्याङ्कन समिति विघटन

नेपाल तेक्वान्दो संघ अन्तरगत रहेको अनुशासन तथा मुल्याङ्कन समिति विघटन.........मिति २०७१ भाद्र २२ गतेदेखी लागु हुने===


१७ औं एशियाली खेलको सुअवसरमा फोटो प्रतियोगिता.....

१७ औं एशियाली खेलको सुअवसरमा फोटो प्रतियोगिता..... On occasion of 17th Asian Games ATU Organized the Photo Contest.........


जिल्ला कार्य समितिहरूलाई जरूरी सुचना

जिल्ला कार्य समितिहरूलाई जरूरी सुचना

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Observation of Training site by TPC President
Participants of 35th Kukkiwon Master Course.
President of NTA Mr. Prakash Shumsher Rana on briefing session during the Master Instructor Course
Participants Coaches during the 35th Master Course of Kukkiwon

Welcome to our Website!


TAEKWONDO was introduced in Nepal as a martial arts discipline in 1983, with a group of Nepalese Taekwondo practitioners performing a Taekwondo Demonstration. Any martial arts along with Taekwondo  were banned in the country to practice or to train by or for any Nepalese citizen. After the successful performance of Taekwondo Demonstration the Nepalese Government realized to introduce Taekwondo in discipline force i.e. Nepal Police & Nepalese Army & later it is open for every citizens.

TAEKWONDO was officially registered as an associate member of NEPAL MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION with other two martial arts disciplines under National Sports Council of Nepal as of Sports Act 2028.

NEPAL TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION became as a independent National Sports Body of Taekwondo for Nepal after the separation from Nepal Martial Arts Association. The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) affiliated Nepal its member in 1983 as Nepal Martial Arts Association later changed as NEPAL TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION.